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Teresa Balté na Frieze Viewing Room | 09.10 > 16.10.2020

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Frieze Viewing Room | Teresa Balté

PT| A Perve Galeria vai apresentar pela primeira vez, de 9 a 16 de Outubro, um importante núcleo de obras de Teresa Balté na Frieze de Londres, a mais relevante das feiras de arte internacionais, que, este ano e devido à pandemia, inaugura um novo formato intitulado “Viewing Room”. O registo na plataforma é realizado através do link:

EN| Perve Galeria will present for the first time, from October, 9th to 16th, an important selection of Teresa Balté's works at Frieze in London, the most important of the international art fairs, which this year, due to the pandemic, is opening a new format called "Viewing Room". The event platform register is available through the link:

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Cape Town Art Fair | 13.02 > 16.02.2020

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CAPE TOWN CITY CENTER | Location|Local: Stand TT10
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EN | Investec Cape Town Art Fair is the leading art fair in Africa. This year, on it's 8th edition, Perve Galeria has the honour participate for the first time, exhibiting the later artwork of Master Ernesto Shikhani (b. 1934, Mozambique).

ICTAF 2020 will include the foremost galleries from South Africa, the African continent, and abroad, it showcases a diversity of work that represents the forefront of contemporary art from Africa to the world.

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London Art Fair | 22.01 > 26.01.2020

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BUSINESS DESIGN CENTER | Location | Local: Stand P17B
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EN | Perve Galleria is honored to announce its presence at the London Art Fair 2020, from January 22nd to 26th at the Business Design Centre, with a selection of works featuring South American artists Javier Félix and Ivan Villalobos, Mozambican Reinata Sadimba and Lithuanian Liudvika S. Koort. The showcase consists in a parallel between artists of different geographical locations and varied techniques, in painting and drawing there are relevant artworks by Ivan Villalobos, who is characterized by contrasting complementary colors and figures that tend to be surrealistic, corporeal, and Liudvika S. Koort, a new artist who creates works of geometric form, lines defined by the construction of mono or polychromatic series. In sculpture, Reinata Sadimba stands out with works in ceramic and sometimes coated in graphite, voluptuous and gentle, and in the most extensive branch of the plastic areas is Javier Félix, from ceramics to acrylic, drawing, painting and wood, the techniques and media are many, sometimes combined with electronic devices that bring them to life.


PT | A Perve Galeria tem a honra de anunciar a sua participação na London Art Fair 2020, de 22 a 26 de Janeiro no Business Design Centre, com uma seleção de obras que abrange os artistas sul americanos Javier Félix e Ivan Villalobos, a moçambicana Reinata Sadimba e a lituana Liudvika S. Koort. Para a amostra, trata-se de uma comparação de artistas em posições geográficas distintas e técnicas variadas, na pintura e no desenho sobressaem Ivan Villalobos, que caracteriza-se pelas cores complementares contrastantes e figuras tendencialmente surrealistas, corpóreas, e Liudvika S. Koort, uma nova artista que elabora obras de caráter geométrico, linhas definidas na construção de séries mono ou policromáticas. Na escultura destaca-se Reinata Sadimba com obras em cerâmica e, por vezes, envolvida em grafite, volumptuosas e ternurosas e no ramo mais abrangente das áreas plásticas encontra-se Javier Félix, da cerâmica ao acrílico, desenho, pintura e madeira, as técnicas e suportes são variados, por vezes acompanhados de engenhos eletrónicos que lhes dão vida.


Contemporary Istanbul | 12.09 > 15.09.2019


Contemporary Istanbul Location: Istanbul, Turkey.
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EN| LusoPhonies Collection was on display at the 14th edition of the Contemporary Istanbul (CI) art fair, held at Istanbul Congress Center and Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center from 12th to 15th September. This year, the modern and contemporary art fair in Turkey, CI opens it’s doors to the public offering a range of diversity from an exceptional artistic scene, presented by more than 74 galleries from 23 countries.

This year's edition brings together galleries from all over the world, with Turkey as a strategic point between the European and Asian continents. CI's vast cultural programme includes "Recent Acquisitions", a section dedicated to the most recent artistic acquisitions of the project's collectors, "Collectors' Stories" aimed at collectors and their artworks stories from their own collections, amongst other projects. It offers a connection between Portuguese, African and South American cultures, with the special involvement of Chilean artists.

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AKAA - Also Known As Africa | Paris | 09.11 > 11.11.2019

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LE CARREAU DU TEMPLE | Location: Booth A6
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EN| Perve Galeria will be present at the 4th edition of the AKAA, the art fair in France devoted to African contemporary art that returns to Carreau du Temple (Paris) from 9th to 11th November.

Since its first edition in 2016, AKAA stands for a multifaceted Africa, foregrounding artists of the diaspora as well as others from diverse origins with a personal link to the continent. This year’s edition will host 44 exhibitors and intends to highlight the artistic quality of African works and emphasize its impact. The event can be seen as a contemporary art map, bringing all attention to the territory, placing Africa in its center.

Following the success of the LusoPhonies Collection exhibition in Turkey, Istanbul, at the TomTom Kirmizi building and Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair. Sequenced by Ankara, displaying at the Portuguese Embassy in Turkey and Fada gallery in Bilkent University last month, Perve Galeria focused on the artworks of Portuguese-speaking countries and communities since the Portuguese dictatorship period to the present days,
now a selection of artists will be featured at AKAA Art Fair in Paris. Thereby, the distinctive and unique artworks from Ernesto Shikhani and Malangatana, from Mozambique, Manuel Figueira and Tchalé Figueira, both from Cape-Vert and José Chambel from Sao Tome e Principe will be displayed alongside with Reinata Sadimba, also from Mozambique, and Manuela Jardim, from Guinea Bissau.

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